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Riverside Studios is the Inland Empire's premiere film location and the only film studio in Riverside,CA.

Currently, we have two soundstages available for filming. Soundstage A- Shelter Side and Soundstage B, combining for approximately 49,000 square feet of shooting space. 

Decide which one of our soundstages’ best serves your film’s location needs or shoot at both. 

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Film Training at Riverside Studios

Learn the tools of the trade

Riverside Studios’ mission is to create a film industry in the Inland Empire and to do that we will need to train a workforce that independent film production companies can trust. We will offer workshops taught by professionals and provide on-set training that will help you excel in your filmmaking career. 

We Are Content Creators

Riverside Studios Creative Group is a content creation and consulting firm specializing in digital strategy and execution, content creation and social media management services. Our firm is unique in that we work directly with students in all of our campaigns allowing us to be more affordable than our competitors and give back by teaching the next generation of storytellers. Click the button below if you need help creating your content.
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